Wristsaver Fishing Rods

We put the ANGLE in ANGLING.

 The NEW ergonomically designed spinning rod and reel developed to eliminate wrist fatigue in fishing!

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Wristsaver Fishing Rods 

Wristsaver Fishing Rods

Wristsaver Fishing Rods 

Look at that unnatural bend in the wrist on a normal rod! 

Since something has to bend, we put the bend in the pole, not your wrist!

The wrist is straight and stress free with the WristSaver rod!

Use the new WristSaver Rod & Reel and fight the fish, not the pain!

Perfect for those important fishing trips when you'll spend lots of time on the water! Keeps your forearms from wearing out.

Great for all ages! Both men and women anglers will love the WristSaver Rod!

Fish for as long as you'd like without having your forearms give out on you.


  • ergonomcially designed handle (cork or foam)
  • 6' medium action rod (graphite or fiberglass)
  • ceramic guides
  • specially designed spinning reel with bent foot
  • perfectly balanced just above reel producing maximum sensitivity for those light strikes
  • hook keep to protect guides and handle from hooks

 Wristsaver Fishing Rods

 Wristsaver Fishing Rods

WristSaver Rods work great on the big fish, too!

 Why Use a WristSaver Rod & Reel?

  • the WristSaver rod straightens your wrist for stress free fishing by putting your hand in the natural pistol grip position
  • your wrist stays in that position while casting, trolling, jigging and retrieving
  • allows people with tennis elbow or carpal tunnel problems to fish they way they want!
  • the angled rear handle allows for effortless, long distance two handed casts which further reduces strain on your forearm (uses lever action instead of wrist action to cast)
  • if you've had trouble feeling those light strikes while jigging, you'll love the sensitivity of the WristSaver Rod - you can literally feel the jig bouncing the bottom and being picked up by the fish - no more watching the line for the strike!
  • side arm casts are a breeze!

There are 2 rod/reel combinations available:

  • 98% graphite 6 foot medium action rod
  • full cork handle
  • ceramic guides
  • 3 ball bearing spinning reel
  • aluminum spool
  • hook keep
  • fiberglass 6 foot medium action rod
  • full foam handle
  • ceramic guides
  • 1 ball bearing spinning reel
  • graphite spool
  • hook keep

 Price: $79.95 + $10 shipping

 Price: $39.95 + $10 shipping

(IA, MN, WI residents add appropriate sales tax)

Order your's today by calling WristSaver Rods, Inc. toll-free at

1-877-721-0020 (evenings)

or email us at: wristsaver@unique-software.com

WristSaver Rods, Inc., Prior Lake, MN

Dealer Inquiries Invited

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