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09-25-06, 08:31 PM (CST)
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"bills musky club outing weekend"
   Jim and I fished BMC outing this past weekend and had a great time. We even managed to catch a couple. In all total we seen 21 fish. We lost 3 fish to boot and one whopper of one as well.Crazy weather and green waters were the order for the weekend. We stuck to a game plan and for the most part it worked well. Them warrior baits brought most of the action. we stayed in shallow and worked out for the best success , ran our suckers pretty shallow as well below the bobbers.Most fish were in less that 6 feet of water. As always had a great time fishing with Jim and the outing was a great time in general. Can`t wait for the banquet, gare.

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09-26-06, 05:29 PM (CST)
1. "RE: bills musky club outing weekend"
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   Yes it was a great outing and I had a blast. Bill's Musky Club is a great organization, and I encourage anyone, to join. Congrats to young Lindsay Sparbel, not only did she win 1st and 3rd place (Gare got 2nd) but she is a junior member. I can't recall a junior ever winning an outing. Way to go girl--you made us all proud!! Duckman proceeded to get out on Lake Wausau on Monday and scored a 36" on one of my weedless quick sets. Shallow water with cover produced again, about 4 feet with coontail and brush . The sucker bite is heating up. Can't wait to get out there again. See you on the water!


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