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May 2013

How To Read The Chart:

There are major and minor feeding times on each day within the chart. The major feeding time is hightlighted in RED and ends in BLUE and the minor time is completely in BLUE. The time of the day is detemined by the legend at the bottom of the chart.

Example: < = Morning Fishing, | = Noon Fishing, > = Evening Fishing and either N or A = Night Fishing Tmes (Please Note: The "A" in the time denotes the beginning of the period and the "P" denotes the end of the period. It has nothing to do with AM or PM.)

So...... 06:48A/07:13P with an " < " at the top of the day means that between 06:48 till 07:13 is the beginning and ending of the major feeding period and it is a morning bite because it has a "<" at the top of that day.

Please Note: All times are CST, please add or subtract hours to adjust for your time zone.

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